Foam Cafe and Gallery.

Tested this new place out with my mum last week. We had tea and scones (melt in the mouth ones at that) and sat happily reading some magazines taking in the funky decor.  It’s so sweet and so welcome in the North side.  Walking around in this part of the city, whether shopping or strolling, its hard to find somewhere that is as welcoming, quirky and tasty.  This ticks all the boxes and more.

Interior of Foam Cafe

You have to visit the place! You must, I insist! And when you do, you’ll find it’s hard to leave.

Foam can be found on  Strand St Great, Dublin 1.

Update (2013)

After visiting this cafe numerous times, and having worked in the sector for years, my opinions have changed on the place. While it’s all jazzy and easy on the eyes it lacks in service and food. On the times, I’ve been there, the waiting time for service has been poor as well as many of the items listed on the menu not actually being available. It’s such a pity too because there could have been so much potential for this place. Hopefully, as it’s a relatively new place, it will improve over time!



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