Boardwalk Empire Season 1 Fashion.

This new series is based on the 1920’s Prohibition Era in the USA. It’s a pretty good show, but to be honest I’m more preoccupied with looking at all the lovely ladies in it and what they are wearing.

Here are the key points to think of when looking into the 1920’s fashion era:

Coco Chanel.Paris… mannish silhouettes… feathered headbands…Tight curls… sleek bob haircuts… mixture of soft colours like silver… gold… peach…lace blouses… silk…wool… linen…  drop waists… flapper dresses… knee-length coats… fur…t-strap, pointed and Mary Jane shoes…cloche hats  and lots of accessories!

Boardwalk Empire Fashion

Drop waisted, soft pale dress on Magaret


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