Finding an old gem: My grandmother’s handbag.


I spent some time today going back in time  by looking through my granny’s wardrobe. Though I was disappointed to see much of her clothes gone, I found lots of material echoing her times and her life. I remember looking at much of this stuff when I was much younger, never fully understanding the importance of it all. I do now.

I’m amazed at how much Granny actually hoarded. I mean lottery tickets is a tad far but she kept everything! Marriage certificates, workhouse documents, old newspaper cuttings about rations and the war, photographs, clocks, cards, prayer books, relics, candles, ration books..You name it.

But then I stumbled across her handbags.. One of which I’m posting a picture of because it’s so beautiful. I wish I found it earlier, because there is a little bit of wear and tear on one side. It has been lying in a musty wardrobe for 20/30 years. Otherwise its in great condition. The inside is a bright red, now a little faded.  I wish I asked her about it when I was younger but fashion was the last thing on my mind when I was 10/11.

Can’t wait to wear it on my arm, another piece of her that remains with me. All I have to do now is a find a sweet outfit to go with it!


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