Bon Iver’s return…..

Seem like such a long time since Justin’s debut album For Emma, Forever Ago came out. What an album it was and one that it probably gonna be my favourite album for a very very long time. You only have to watch him play the magical ‘Skinny Love’ on Jools Holland some years back to understand the why and how he remains one of the greatest singer-songwriters of these past few years.

I remember going to see him in the National Stadium some years back. I had only just discovered him and so..I really didn’t know what to expect. But it was immense. It was uplifting..It gave me the shivers and it brought me to tears. This only happens when something is so touching and really affects me. It did really affect me. Since then, I have followed Justin on his journey of collaborations with different artists, most recently his outings with Kanye West.

He has also been involved in Anais Mitchell’s album Hadestown, Volcano Choir, Gayngs and The National’s album High Violet. It seems like anything Bon Iver touches turns to magic, and I have no doubt that his new album will be no different. I cannot wait to see what it will contain and whether it will be a lot more experimental than album 1….

Here’s some Bon Iver treats….

A snippet from his new album

Wait for Me- a song off Anais Mitchell’s album Hadestown

Coachella 2011- Kanye West and Bon Iver, Lost in the World

Gayngs-Gaudy Side of Town. 


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