Appreciating Where I Come From: Cavan.

I’ve been living in the city for 3 years now and you know it gets a bit sickening after a while. Traffic, noise, people, unknown faces and unknown neighbors surround. It gets a bit much by times and makes going home to the countryside all that bit sweeter. I live in the country, when I say country, I mean surrounded by fields, trees, animals. I do love it. I appreciate it a lot more now that I’m grown up. As a teenager you think it’s the worst place in the world ‘Nothing happens here’. You have to get lifts everywhere or else spend half a day walking to the nearest town. But you know what, I grew up in a great area surrounded by some wonderful sights of windmills, lakes, mountains, bogs, valleys and waterfalls.

I do intend to take more pictures when I get down more often(apres les examins!). For now here is a taster of what my home is like…..


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