My current wishlist!

All my current favourites and loves.

1. Brave New World. Quite the novel I’ve started reading, the first proper one on my Kindle. Great novel, requires attentive reading!

2. Converse Lady All Star. My new cons are beautiful and must be noted are more comfortable than ordinary All Stars. Anyone share this notion?

3. ESPA Pink Hair and Scalp Mud.   A great product for nourishing hair. You leave it on for about 20 minutes to work it’s magic. Great smell, great ingredients! I always pop it on before my shower. 

4. Miss Selfridge layered dress. I have a wedding this Saturday and this is the dress I’ll be wearing with some nice brown wedge sandals.

4. Shirt by Forever 21. This epitomizes the perfect work shirt for me. So great as its loose, light and cream in colour.

5. Yes to Carrots Body Butter. Bought this by chance. Very absorbent lotion that lasts quite long on the skin. Great for slapping on after a shower! Smell is light (if that is possible).

6. Bon Iver. I cannot recommend this talent highly enough. His new album is being streamed online. You can find it here. It’s an album that is gonna be a grower and requires more than just one listen. Very deep and contains many layers.


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