J Nails Nail Salon Review.

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6 thoughts on “J Nails Nail Salon Review.

  1. That’s my fave place for mani/pedis! Staff so friendly & helpful. Psst, you can switch off the chair with the remote that’s on the ledge that’s on the armrest – surprised they never tell people that. They also stock my beloved Mad as a Hatter OPI so I always go for my fix 😉

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  3. Went in to get Acrylic refills and the person doing it when lovely and very gentle when filing off the existing paint. Problem is , is that he didn’t put acrylic paint or a gel coat over the nails he just painted them with normal nail polish so they are now chipped and in bits in less than a week. Also I looked up the price on their website and when I went to the till they increased the price.

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