Brogue Wishlist.

This Irish weather is killing me.  I can’t wear nice sandals 24/7 because it starts raining no matter what. I always end up bringing two pairs of footwear to work.  I can’t wear runners all the time!  I refuse to wear boots because its god-damn summer and yet I see so many people in them around town?!!

As I’m on my feet all day  at work I need something that is comfortable, supportive, stylish and  convertible to different outfits and different occasions. My feet need some pampering.  So I’m thinking brogues are the solution to the Irish problem.  What do you think?

Nicole Farhi Brogue £270 (top left)

Steve Madden Trouser $34.99 (top right)

Topshop Lace Up £30.00 (centre)

Steve Madden Melanee $49.99 (bottom left)

Pieces Low Heeled Brogue £35.00 (bottom right)


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