Lush Lip Tint.

Bought this recently in Lush for half price (can’t remember price). The only reason I bought it was for the colour and the smell.

So here’s the lowdown on it:

+ It smells nice

+ It gives a nice pink colour on the lips

+ Easy to apply

+ Not greasy on lips

+ Nice size tin. Easy to carry around

+/- It is not glossy (up to you here)

– Needs a few applications throughout day

– It does not hydrate your lips

– It is expensive

– It  goes a tad grainy when in cold conditions

Hmmmm so with this all in mind, would I buy it again? Probably not. However, when I  use it along with a good lip balm like Neutrogena, it works pretty well and the colour is actually really nice without being too pink.

I reckon it’s all sold out by now, but I got mine in Lush, Grafton St.


7 thoughts on “Lush Lip Tint.

      • Exactly! Hmm I don’t know- I was using Burt bee’s for a while but i then changed to Neutrogena Norweigan Formula for the cold weather. Find it absolutely brilliant! What about you?

      • Hm, we don’t have Burt Bees in Greece, so I haven’t tried it so far. My all time favorite is Ceralip by La Roche Posey, ( I put it in my top #10 list here Whenever my lips are chapped, dry or bleed, it helps a lot. I don’t usually use it if they are not in bad condition since it feels a bit greasy. For everyday use, I usually put some korres lip balm sticks.
        I was thinking of trying the neutrogena one, since products of Neutrogena usually work great on me .

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