Purse Organisers.

Hmmm. I need one of these organisers asap. My handbag is a tip of late..perfume, keys, phone, handcream, purse, kindle, pens, coins, cards, lipstick, lipbalm, earphones and anything else you can imagine are in my handbag at the minute!

Plus the fact that most my handbags are NOT leather and therefore buckle under the pressure of any weight. My other option would be to buy a new handbag but I haven’t seen any nice ones of late. Maybe that will be my next mission. For now, here are some handbag organizers I found on the net.I have heard Penneys (Primark) have an organiser  which is  much cheaper.  However I haven’t been in Penneys for a while to find out if they are still in stock or not. Perhaps someone can let me know?? Rimmel also had one out there for a while, but I’m presuming they are all gone too 😦

1.  ETSY organiser here

2.  ETSY handbag organiser here

3. Purse Organiser by Miche Bag  here



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