The Perfect Fit: Jeans from Gap.

The best find in ages. These jeans fit like a glove. I can’t actually believe it because I find it so hard to get the perfect jean especially around my waist area. Both these are from GAP  in Arnotts and only cost me €22.48 in the sale(both originally cost €74.95). Dimensions are 26 x 30 on the black and 25 x 32 on the dark blue. At least now I know where to do my jeans shopping anymore! They are both flared, I’m on a mission to embrace the 70’s. Perfect with heels and a tucked in t-shirt. Below is just one photo of the dark blue jeans. I couldn’t take anymore of myself by myself, if you get me!



3 thoughts on “The Perfect Fit: Jeans from Gap.

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