Ferocious Mingle.

There is nothing better than on a weekend taking a little trip to some of the great Dublin markets around town. On Sunday, I headed up by Smithfield towards Thomas Street. On my way I noticed a few things which attracted my eye. A new art space is being created just past Smithfield Square on the right hand side, a guy was busy painting on Sunday as I passed. Looking forward to seeing the end results with it. Would love to see Smithfield coming alive again. However, the new designs on the Square well I think one has to take a look at it really. They have decided to put grass down (hmm good luck with that lasting). No lessons learned from the grass that used to be on Wolfe Tone Park.

Anyway, I sometime just get really disappointed in Dublin. I love all the buildings, the history, the stories but everywhere I walk I see derelict sites, poor roads and sidewalks, disintegrating buildings and yet there is so much potential. Thomas St is just one example. Here’s a really interesting read for those who want to know more. I mean if you think about the amount of tourists who pass Thomas St and beyond just to get to Guinness. I cringe. Anyway, my rant is over..for now.

My journey up towards Thomas St was for a good reason, bar the exercise. Every Thursday to Sunday, there is a market on opposite the Thomas House pub, called the Ferocious Mingle Market. It has cute little chalets and stalls with all sorts of trinkets like books, clothes, jewellery, candles, tile art, vinyls, sweets and even a fortune-teller! From 2pm, there is usually a band on stage and it has really wicked cinema-like seats for watching a silent movie accompanied by a piano man. 

It’s well worth a visit if you like these kinda markets. They have become super popular in Dublin of late like the one in the Grand Social and another down in the Co-op in Newmarket.

The Ferocious Mingle Market runs from 11am to 6pm, Thursday to Sunday and is located on 72 Thomas St, for those who want exact directions see here.


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