Mandala Spa.

I recently visited Mandala Spa in La Stampa Hotel for some treatments courteous of the boyfriend. I’m a sucker for beauty treatments!  If I had endless Euros I would treat myself weekly. However, I enjoy the occasional visit to spas and find huge health benefits in my skin, stress levels and sense of happiness! My trip to Mandala was no different.

The treatment picked for me was Mandala’s Warm Heart Chakra Cocoon which lasts for a total of 2hrs 30mins.  Prior to entering the treatment room, I changed into my robe and slippers and was led to their Lotus Relaxation Room where loads of magazines and blankets were available. My therapist then arrived to bring me to the treatment room.

It started off with a hot stone and rose quartz massage on my body. I’ve never had a hot-stone before but it felt so calming and warm. The stones alternated between luke warm and hot and offered a lovely contrast to the therapists hands.  Following this, I was given a rose facial massage using the therapist’s delicate fingers focusing on different areas of my face and scalp. I also loved how hot stones were placed in the palm of my hands throughout the massage offering more comfort.

Then, we moved on to an EXCEPTIONAL body scrub using organic rose and almond sugar. The scrub was really coarse which I love, but others may find this a little on the uncomfortable side. All areas of my body were exfoliated- even my belly. I love getting my back done, as it’s an area I always neglect.

While, the scrub soaked in my skin, the therapist then began the Shirodhara Mind and scalp treatment. Shirodhara is an Indian term which means ‘head’ and ‘flow’.  In this treatment, warm oil flowed from a vessel on my forehead or ‘third eye’ and seeped through my scalp into another vessel below my head.  The flow was moved across my forehead periodically and offered a really nice contrast. This was extremely relaxing and a perfect end to the ritual. I felt myself falling asleep in this part, as my eyes were covered, my body was wrapped up nice and warm and the oil was incredibly therapeutic.

Suffice to say, I did not want to leave. I had a beautiful shower following the treatment to rinse of the scrub and oil. I put back on my robe and slippers and my therapist organised some chamomile lemon tea and a juice drink containing lemon and ginger to be ready for me back in the Lotus Relaxation Room.  Pure serenity as I had the whole relaxation room to myself.

It’s definitely worth a visit, I felt like I was in another world in Mandala-the dark colour schemes, music and serenity all added to the experience as well as the friendly and professional staff. It’s a gem in the city.

For more information on my treatment and Mandala Spa, see Mandala’s website.


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