Brand Focus: Sundari

Sundari are a range of anti-aging skincare products created from organic ingredients and essences distilled from nature. Their products aim to create balance and harmony in mind, body and soul. Their website goes into detail on much of their philosophy, check it out here.

I received a sample of Sundari’s products some month’s back and have just been getting to using them now.  So far, I’ve been very impressed. My skin has been loving all the products below, the only disadvantage being no SPF in their moisturizer. I’ll go into detail on each of the products I’ve been using.

1 Sundari Elderflower Moisturizer. This is a beautiful calming and lightweight moisturizer that contains chamomile oil and elder flower extract. It sinks into the skin without being too heavy and works really well for morning and night. Again my only qualm, no SPF.

2 Gentle Gel Cleanser. The swatch above shows this is a clear gel cleanser. It  turns into milky consistency once wet and then clear again after massaging. It removes impurities and make-up really well. After using this, my skin feels really light and clean. It contains aloe vera and chamomile extract aimed at balancing the pH of the skin. Works well for normal/combination skin types.

3 Neem and Bloody Orange Body Lotion. It’s the smell that really intrigues me about this product. It’s wonderful. It’s scented with blood orange oil and therapeutic herbs. This absorbs really well without leaving stickiness or residue.  It works to repair proteins in damaged skin and build collagen levels. I can’t comment on this part mainly because my skin is in pretty good condition at the minute, thank god!

4 Neem and Manuka Body Cleanser. This is a non-sulfate body cleanser which can be used in shower by creating a lather and rinsing off. It contains neem extract and manuka oil which has anti-bacterial properties. I haven’t been using this everywhere, but I have focused on my back area (it’s been acting up recently with   small spots on shoulder) and I have noted a marked improvement in it! I’m delighted.

These products feel so luxurious to use. I know you can buy these products online here but a few spas in Ireland also stock Sundari. You can find the list here.  Do try this brand out, it’s worth it!


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