1. Love by Chloe 2. White Musk Libertine Body Mist by The Body Shop 3. One by Calvin Klein 4. Cinnamon Spice Perfume Oil by The Body Shop 5. Pacific Goddess by Pacific Perfumes 6. Daisy by Marc Jacobs 7. PAVO by Lily Lambert

And here it neat little perfume collection. After writing about the Lily Lambert perfume I got recently, I thought I’d show you all my perfume collection. It’s definitely nothing great as I’m not one to really spend on perfumes. It’s just not something I’m into and unless I finish a bottle of perfume, I won’t buy another. Love by Chloe is definitely one of my favourites, although many don’t like it on me! And the Pacific Goddess solid perfume has a lovely creamy base on application. It actually came all the way from New Zealand! I’m trying to use  up a lot of these before I move to NY so I can buy some more, so if you’re walking down the street and you’re like ‘Jesus, has yer wan a whole bottle of perfume on her?’. The truth is I probably do.

Let me know what you’re favourite scent is? And do you own any of the random ones above?!


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