NIP + FAB Facial Cleansing Oil.

I’ve been using NIP + FAB’s facial cleansing oil for about a week now and as much as I wanna love it, I just can’t.

On one side of the coin, the packaging is clean and appealing.  The product itself smells lovely with ingredients of mandarin, citrus and orange. It’s easy to use because of the pump-action and  it emulsifies well after adding water. Overall,  It’s works ‘grand’. It removes a lot of my make-up quite well and it feels nice to use.

HOWEVER, the minute I bought the bloody thing, the bottle I got was leaking. In order to close and secure the oil (lets say if putting in your cosmetics bag ) you have to push the pump down and twist to close, therefore losing a small amount of product. But it’s still not secure, there is residue coming out from the closed pump. I ended up putting mine in a food-bag when travelling. 

Moreover, I’ve read a good few reviews warning about how it causes your eyes to sting. To be fair, I haven’t had major stinging right away, but a few minutes after using it my eyes have watered a little. I recommend using it sparsely there, or perhaps not at all if you have sensitive eyes. I think, and I’m no professional on this but there is just too much fragrance in it for using on the eyes.

I’ve mentioned it’s good at removing make-up and it emulsifies well, but I find it leaves my face with too much oiliness. Now, I know it’s an oil based cleanser and all, but I’ve used Clarin’s wonderful Cleansing Gel (with Marula Oil) before and have never had that excess oil left on my face. It’s a bit of a turn off for me ( and maybe it shouldn’t be ) but I like my face completely clean and ready for an absorbing moisturiser. Nip + FAB’s clean fix oil just doesn’t do that for me. So…in conclusion won’t be purchasing this one again.

NIP + FAB can be purchased in Boots stores and in Debenhams.  I think it costs around €15.

Have you ever tried any NIP + FAB products? What was your experience? Let me know.


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