Bath and Body Works.


Bath and Body Works is kinda similar to the Body Shop back home. It was founded in Ohio in 1990 and has since developed into a one stop shop for shower gels, lotions, candles and accessories. It really is amazing and it has a HUGE selection of different fragrances and mixes. This means in my case spending over 30 minutes trying to pick lotions! I chose to pick three mini body lotions so I could narrow them down eventually. This is only 3 out of like 15 or something crazy like that!! I think the 3 in total cost me $10.

image image

I must say Country Chic is my favourite out of these lot, I find Be Enchamted a bit sickly sweet. Japenese Cherry Blossom is their best seller and comes in 2nd place for me. They all contain vitamin e, jojoba and shea butter and are really absorbant as opposed to sticky which I thought they might be. If you are not into strong smelling lotions then I wouldn’t recommend these and I would not be spritzing any perfume on after these! Once I finish these, I’m off to try some more!


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