bareMinerals Exfolitating Treatment Cleanser.


I’ve been using this exfoliating treatment cleanser for the past two weeks as my trusty Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel finally ran out. I picked it up in Sephora for $26. I have been so impressed with it so far. While using it, I’m doing three things at once- cleansing, exfoliating and renewing my skin.
image image It is a water activated cleanser and as the pictures show it turns from a powder form to a light froth when mixed with water. Once applied and lightly massaged over my face, you can start feeling small particle grains doing the exfoliation part. The fragrance is lovely. It smells very natural and I have found it great on my sensitive skin. However, I find its better to not get it in your eyes when rinsing. For me, I’ve had a small stinging sensation.

I was very unfamiliar with bareMinerals until now, but the ingredients behind this brand are all natural- no synthetic fragrances, no artifical oils and they are free of parabens. Their propreitary complex is untouched soil that contains a variety of micro and macro minerals. In other words, they use mineral rich soil to renew and reveal smoother, healthier looking skin. A similar brand in Ireland called Ógra bases their products on soil from bogs! So I’m really becoming a firm believer in the benefits of working with nature.
image Overall, I really have noticed my skin is visibly smoother, the pores on my nose have reduced greatly and the dreaded monthly spots I get on my chin area are reduced a lot more than previous months. I find I am inclined to spend a litle more time cleansing now because of the great results! And most of all, a little goes a very long way!

So have any of you ever used bareMinerals products before? How did you find them and any more recommendations for me?


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