Sephora’s Slim Essential Brush Set.

image Confession: This is the first set of brushes I’ve ever owned. The make-up brushes I had been using were always ones I got free with products or in Christmas gift sets.  I decided to bite the bullet and buy some. Sephora had a wide range of sets but I wanted something basic, travel-friendly and compact.
image This set cost $39 and contains a powder, blush, large and small eyeshadow brush and a rectractable lip brush. I’ve been using the powder and blush brush the most for daily wear and have to say I’m very pleased. There has been little shedding which is what I was most worried about. They are soft and apply the product well to my face, in particular the blush brush’s angular shape works perfect.




I can’t see myself using the lip brush much, but from reviews I have read, it might come in handy for lining eyes, filling in brows etc. For $39 I’m delighted with them and they are well protected in the magnetic closing case.
imageTell me, what’s your favourite brushes on a budget? Anyone tried Sephora’s make-up brushes?


3 thoughts on “Sephora’s Slim Essential Brush Set.

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