Bliss Hot Salt Scrub: Best exfoliator ever!

I could easily start and end this post with three words: ‘Best scrub ever’ but I know you all want to know a bit more about why its deemed my best scrub ever!

Firstly, the second you apply this product on your skin you feel heat. It’s kinda similar to Deep Heat(that we use for aches and pains), but less hot. It’s the polyglyceryl-10 diplamitate in the product that allows for the self-heating action and massaging the scrub in activates the heat. It’s incredibly soothing and is perfect for sore muscles or even tired feet.
Secondly, its a damn good scrub.  It contains dead sea salt grains, glycerin and algae extract which all aim to firm, smooth and hydrate the skin. It has a very thick consistency but it spreads out nicely when you start massaging it in. Its a dream showering off, and you instantly feel the results!
But this scrub also smells great. It really awakens the senses as it contains rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender essential oil. Its not for those who hate that Deep Heat/Vicks smell so be warned!
Its not the cheapest scrub on the market at $36(aprox €29), but its well worth it. Make sure to visit your local stockist and sample it and you will feel the heat. It really is amazing!


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