Some more of my photos from days spent exploring and falling in love with this city. I try to spend the days off when I’m not working doing as much as I can.


It really is a stunning city. I took this picture aboard the Staten Island ferry, which is a great cheap way of seeing the Statue of Liberty up close. The ferry is free, and although there isn’t anything of huge interest on Staten Island, you get to see herself (Statue of Liberty) and the extraordinary views of lower Manhatten. It feels weird and sad looking at the Freedom Towers. It makes you think a lot about what this city and its people have had to face. But I love this photo for the pure contrast of old and new architecture.


In this photo, I’m sitting having a beverage in the Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club down in South Street Seaport. With breath-taking views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Hudson, its such a nice place to relax, unwind and take off your shoes and feel the sand! A must-see!


I always treat myself to lunch on my days off. As I was in the Chelsea neighbourhood, I popped into Regional Thai and Mex Margarita Bar on 22nd St for a delicious Phad Thai special for $7.95. So yummy, so cheap!


The High Line, as pictured above is located on 519 West 23rd Street and is a public park built on an old freight rail line so it runs above Manhatten’s streets. It’s a sweet little walk, with beautiful grasses and plants giving that soft feel to the concrete slabs.


I’m not one for art and I’m not gonna even pretend I know anything about art, but I really really loved the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). It was stunning. I spent the guts of 3 hours in there, listening to the audio tour of different paintings, one which included the famous Waterlilies, by Claude Monet. It was mesmerizing up close. I got in for $14 as a student, although I forgot my card! Some paintings even have audio from little children who interpret the art in hilarious ways.

That’s it for now…. My adventure continues!


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