Dr.Jart+ BB Cream


I’ve been testing out Dr.Jart’s Black Label Detox Beauty Balm for the past few weeks. I’ve been looking for something for everyday as I don’t like using foundation all the time. I rarely wear much make-up during the day but its annoying when a few blemishes crop up or my face looks tired or dull! A lovely assistant in Sephora helped me choose this one as it suited my colouring (pale).


This BB cream is working out great for me for a number of different reasons. It’s more than just make-up. Often, if I wear make-up numerous days in a row, my face will break out. This BB cream contains botanical actives to purify and calm the skin. It has green tea, aloe vera, arbutin and caviar extract all packed in that all work to brighten the skin and protect against pollutants. Since using this, I’ve had no major breakouts and my skin tone has actually improved.


It’s easy to use and blends like a dream. The pump action means you get the exact amount of product needed. I just use my fingertips to apply it to a soft dewy finish. The photo above shows it blended on my arm.I tend to use a moisturiser under this, because my skin would dry out otherwise. But Dr.Jart’s BB can be used alone. I guess it depends on your skin type.


The most attractive thing for me is the added SPF 25. My skin is quite fair, although getting a bit less so since I’ve moved to New York. But its great not having to worry about buying sunscreen separately and I like the fact its a high SPF compared to a lot of moisturisers.

I’m definately gonna continue to use this, not sure if I’ll repurchase. There are so many more BB creams out there to try! I bought my Dr. Jart+ in Sephora for $36 and I know Boots stock some Dr. Jart+ also, not sure if it is the Black Label though. Happy BBing everyone!


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