Revlon® Colorstay Aqua™ Mineral Finishing Powder.

Revlon® is fast becoming one of my favorite drugstore brands out there. I’ve been trying out a lot of their products recently (see here and here) and have been quite impressed. My most recent buy was this Revlon® Colorstay Aqua™ Mineral Finishing Powder in the shade Translucent Light Medium.


It’s quite a different mineral powder because it’s made with water not oil. It contains coconut water which means that on application it feels super refreshing and almost wet on your face. It’s quite a weird sensation and the first couple of times I used it, I felt like I should be taking it off not putting it on! But anyway, the cooling sensation that you feel only lasts a couple of seconds and it sets to a matte finish.


It comes with a little handy brush for application but to be honest, I didn’t find it to be of much use. It picks up too much product and it’s hard to blend your whole face with it. I just normally use a  larger powder brush (see here) swirl the brush in the product, tap off the excess and blend it into my face. Quite easy really.


However, I have found that it’s hard enough to blend when I use a full face of foundation. I found that some areas appeared a little caky when I finished blending, but maybe that’s my poor application of the powder! Have you guys found this?! Moreover, and perhaps related to this, I’ve found the container to be a bit of a nuisance. The holes are too large meaning too much product comes to the top when you open it. This could be easily rectified though with smaller holes!


Anyway, back to the actual powder itself…I’ve worn this for a complete day (serving in hot conditions!) over my Revlon® primer and noticed that my face remained completely oil-free. That’s over 7 hours without shine! And believe me, my face sweats a lot working! I find it really long-wearing which is great. I didn’t have to re-apply it for after work drinks.

Overall, I think the quality of the product makes up for the little faults in packaging and brush quality. This Revlon® powder cost me around $13 in Rite Aid. I’m not sure if Boots stock this ColorStay Aqua™ range so let me know for sure!!


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