Paris: The Little Guide.

I’m fresh back from my trip to Paris and I just wanted to share the things that I did and the places I went to you all. I myself, love reading these kind of posts and find them particularly useful if heading off somewhere for a holiday. Case in hand, when I moved to New York for a while, I did some reading of some New Yorker’s blogs including A Cup of Jo, Court and Hudson and Scouting NY to name a few.

Anyway, Paris is really beautiful. Bloody expensive, but beautiful. While there, we (boyfriend and I) did most of the touristy stuff while attending the Pitchfork Musical Festival in the evenings. The festival itself was brilliant, well-organized and the sound was phenomenal. However, it was expensive. Using a token system as cash for food, beer and cloakrooms, you could not help but feel ripped off as you looked for a drink to quench you’re thirst. To boot, pretty much all that was available was Heineken and wine. If you take the fact that a pint (or what they call a pint) cost 3.5 tokens and 10 tokens cost you €20 to buy, then you can get a picture of how expensive it really was. Anyway, as we know most festivals are over-priced so I’ll quit giving out.


Highlights at the festival for me included the uh-mazing Robyn, Twin Shadow, M83 and James Blake. I definitely did not know a fair amount of the bands, but I was happy to get to listen to a good variety.

On the itinerary list was of course the Eiffel Tower. Up close, it really is something. I had previously thought of it as a big piece of iron, but as you stand underneath it the iron-work is really breath-taking. Apparently, they are shutting it to the public sometime in the future for three years so that they can take off all the old paint and re-do the whole thing. To access the tower, you can go by stairs or passenger lift. We took the lift to the 2nd floor and to be honest, there is no need to go much further up. Paris can be seen clearly and it’s less of a queue!! I loved taking the lift because to get to see the old-school hydraulics of the lift and the ropes.


A visit to Père Lachise is a nice trip to do.If you like cemetery’s and visiting dead famous people. I’m one of those who does. Père Lachise, you can pick up a map at the Security Office and head to find the resting places of people such as Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and lots of French philosophers, poets and writers.


Jim Morrison’s Grave at Père Lachise.

I didn’t get to visit the Louvre Museum unfortunately. Queues for it were just unbearable but I did get some photos of it. And of course, we had to get a few pictures of the Arc de Triomphe. Standing very beautifully at the top of Champs-Élysées, it represents and honours all those who fought in the French Revolution and Naploenic Wars. You can get close to it, see photo but in order to get right up to it, you have to go underground a pay a couple of euros. Not really worth it in my eyes, unless you are into seeing the details of the monument.

image image

I got to see Moulin Rouge during the day and in that area, well you can have your pick of sex shops and shows! It’s gas really. From that area, we walked up towards Sacré-Coeurs which is located in the highest point in the city. Up there, there is a huge basilica which you can enter and pray if need be. Loads of cafe’s and cute shops are located on the walk up, but be wary of the prices as some are a rip off! ( I paid €5 for a cup of tea in one. Not impressed!)imageimage

View of Paris from the highest point in the city, Sacré-Coeurs.

One of the last little stops for us was The Panthéon, which houses many of France’s great men and women including Victor Hugo, Rosseau, Marie Curie and Voltaire. It’s a stunning building, and a walk downstairs to the crypts shows you all the tombs of those mentioned above and more. They also had a copy of Foucault’s pendulum on display. See here.image

I know it’s a fairly long post, and to be honest I have not mentioned half of what you can really do in Paris, but if you are stuck for a time a little trip on the Seine river might be for you as it introduces you to a few of the sites including Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Concorde Square and Musée d’Orsay. I’d recommend this company.

I hope that in showing you some of the things I’ve got up to, it will help guide your visit to Paris. You do need plenty of time there, lots of money and an early wake-up call if you plan to get to visit many of the sites. But it’s worth it.


I had to include this one. Locking love on one of Paris’ bridges.


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