Paris Beauty Buys.

Of course, I could not spend a couple of days in Paris without doing some beauty shopping. So  I did some research online in the way of bloggers and youtube. Here are some good videos from Lisa Eldridge, A Model Recommends, Broken Blush, GhostParties, What I Heart Today and Fleur de Force for you to look at!


In total, I spent about €70 on all these products, two of which are presents for my mum and the rest for moi.  I know people were raving on about City Pharma on Rue de la Four but it’s absolute mayhem in there on the days that it actually does open (Make sure to check before you go, many pharmacies are closed on certain days).  On top of that a lot of the staff  in City Pharma seemed to like a particular corner of the pharmacy to stand in and they refused to move despite countless ‘Excusez-moi, pardon, s’il vous plaits’. Believe me, the aisles are very small in there. So I decided to go to a local pharmacy in the area of Jasmin where I was staying. I prefer to shop in peace rather than have french people mow me out of it. And I was all the better of it. So I’m just gonna run through a few of the things I got.

Avéne Cleanance K Cream-Gel for oily-blemish prone skinI picked this up because my skin is not in great condition at the minute with spots, bumps and pores around my cheeks and chin area. This promises to unclog pores, get rid of blemishes and leave skin radiant. Containing alpha and beta hydroxy-acids like Salicylic and Gycolic I really hope this helps improve my skin and is not too harsh or powerful. I’ll let you know.

Caudalíe Eau de Beauté. I got this one based on loads of reviews saying it was a lovely face-spritzer and toner to use throughout the day. I got the 30ml size, so it will be great for my handbag. It sure has a lovely refreshing smell of mint and other scents like orange, rosemary, myrrh and rose. I can’t imagine using it as a toner as my skin is quite sensitive so I think it might just be a face-refresher!

Bioderma Créaline H20 Solution Micellaire. Well everyone and their granny has this. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s hailed at being one of the best make-up removers ever. I’m so excited to give this a go! Pharmacy’s over there usually do offers on Bioderma like two large bottles for €16.99. I stook with the 250ml size just in case it doesn’t work out for me!

Nuxe Hand and Nail Cream. I actually bought two of these, because I liked the testing of it so much. Suffice to say, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. Containing honey, sunflower, precious oils and Vitamin E, it is like silk on my hands. It’s paraben free and contains 89% natural ingredients. I’m giving one to my mam who has incredibly dry and chapped hands, so she will be the true judge of this one.

SVR Blue Originelles Émulsion (Very Dry Skin). This is one of the brands, I could not find any reviews on and I don’t know why! Maybe I’m typing it in wrong! But I got this for my mam again. It is aimed at moisturisng and protecting the skin against environmental damage. It’s contains lipid-restoring ingredients and Allantoin which soothes and softens the skin. You use it after cleansing day and night and massage it into the skin. I’ll be reporting back on this one.

SVR Blue Originelles Cold Cream for very dry, delicate, irritated skin. I picked this up for myself on account of current skin problems of dryness, redness, spots and bumps. I’ve been using it non-stop since I got it and I’m so impressed. It is a thick enough cream, which once massaged into the face turns a little oily and shiny. Containing Mineral Oil, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Lactic Acid amongst more, it’s aimed at providing comfort to the skin while protecting it from the harsh environment. I love this cream, I really do. It’s perfect for using before bed as it works through-out the night.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm. Lisa Eldridge loves this balm and recommended it as a matte lip balm, perfect as a primer to lipstick. It’s quite thick and I was kinda scared it would just sit on my lips. However, I apply it ever night before bed and wake up to super-smooth lips in the morning. And yes, it’s perfect for under lipstick.

So that’s all my beauty buys from Paris. If you would like to see a further review on anything let me know. Also tell me are there any major beauty buys I missed out on? What are your favourite french brands?!


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