Christmas Wish List Part 1.

Be prepared. This series of posts will probably be the most mixed up, weird and bizarre you’ll ever see. But I do hope you like them.  For me, I never really know what I want for Christmas and to be perfectly honest there is absolutely nothing that I really need. Being healthy, alive and having really special people around me is all anyone needs.  HOWEVER, I’m a girl and making little wish lists is so much fun. Every week coming up to Christmas I’m gonna do a Christmas Wish list post to keep you all inspired about gifts to buy your loved ones and friends (or even yourself!!). Now let’s get to it!!

This Mango Leather Skirt is absolutely on my wish list. In fact any leather skirt along the lines of this one or this one would make me a happy girl. There is something very sexy about leather and long legs. Perfect for Christmas nights out or styled for a casual day look.

These Roman Luxe Python drop earrings are the result of a collaboration between the amazing Karla Deras and Roman Luxe. I am in love with the whole line, designs are elegant, bold and most importantly gold. You can check out the line here but out of the complete collaboration these are my favourite.

I love love love these Vincent Camuto pumps. I’ve fitted them on and they fit like an absolute glove. They elongate your legs, the pointed toe is very sexy and it’s not too pointy if you get me. They are made of a beauty soft leather and while I thought I would hate gold on my feet.. I am now converted. These are a must have for Christmas parties and for glamming up outfits!

Now lets face it history books will not be everyone’s cup of tea as Christmas presents, but I love them. Iron Curtain is the follow-up novel to the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Gulag from Anne Applebaum. It’s tells the story of how Communism took over most of Eastern Europe after WW2. I’m really excited (for want of a better word) to read both these books. Iron Curtain just came out but in order to understand the Soviet Union’s expansion into Eastern Europe, I need to read Gulag. Both these novels are available in all good bookstores and online.

See you next week for more Christmas buys!!


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