Dermalogica Active Moist.

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Hey all, back to beauty talk today and its all about Dermalogica’s Active Moist. Active Moist is recommended for skin with excess oil production, but even though my skin varies a lot of the time (from combination to dry patches here and there) I find this moisturiser works well re: dehydration.

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Containing silk amino acids (extracted from silkworm cocoons!) and plant extracts, it’s a lovely lightweight, sheer product to apply to skin. Lavender, mallow and cucumber extracts allow for hydration as well as lemon, watercress and burdock to help refine the skin.

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I feel it’s important not to use too much of the product. So I generally take a dime-sized amount so that it doesn’t leave my skin too oily or greasy in the T-Zone area. This can be tricky enough to do sometimes because of the tube. I find it works particularly well just before going sleep because of the hydrating aspects of the lotion. It also contains no artificial colour or fragrance so I find it works well for any sensitivity I may have. And it has the nicest, most comforting, lavender smell that I just love.

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Now, as it’s not the cheapest moisturiser on the market and prior to use, I’d recommend seeing a skin therapist trained with Dermalogica. There are numerous salons in Dublin which can create a Face Mapping Skin Analysis for you. I’ve been going to Velvet Beauty for a long time now and they always tailor my facials to suit my current skin type. Alternatively, Dermalogica’s website is great as they have speed mapping which can help find out products to suit your skin.

I usually buy my Dermalogica online with Beauty Skincare. They are really great, have quick delivery and you always get free samples! So tell me peeps, have you used Dermalogica before? What do you think of the brand!?


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