Current Shower Routine.

shower routine

From Left to Right; Colet Shampoo, Organix Conditioner, Bath and Body Works Shower Gel, Femfresh

It’s not an area I put a whole pile of effort into, I pretty much stick to the same things all the time or else just buy whatever is on offer at the time. The one constant is Femfresh, an essential for me ‘down there’ to ensure no irritation or an upsetting of the pH, which believe me is incredibly common. But that’s another days post!

I picked up the Colet Shampoo in ALDI around a month ago and oh my god it is just unreal! I remember this shampoo from years back, I think it used to have different packaging but I’m so glad I’ve rediscovered it. It’s fab and smells so beautiful. It’s 100% Irish, paraben free and it uses natural ingredients sourced from around Ireland. It costs around €4.99 in supermarkets but I got mine for €1.99 when it was on offer.

I’ve been teaming it with my Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Conditioner for no other reason than it was in offer in Boots and while living in New York, I became obsessed with this shampoo. The annoying thing is, it costs more to purchase over here but it’s great value because of the size of the bottle. Now, I have very wavy hair when its left to dry naturally but since I’ve been using this, it’s left my hair incredibly silky smooth and less kinky, if ya know what I mean!! You can purchase Organix in Boots.

There is nothing really special about my current shower gel, it’s just one of a selection of Bath and Body Works shower gels I have. Again, I must be missing NYC a lot because I’ve been teaming it with BABW body lotions too. Aww, the memories.

So that’s it really. Not very exciting stuff really in the shower, and I’m kinda glad because I’ve enough products in other aspects of my routine so it’s good to keep it a minimum. What are your favourite bath/ shower products? Have you tried any of these?!! x


6 thoughts on “Current Shower Routine.

  1. Ive tried the Femfresh wash before and it actually made me irritated, my doc said your to use nothing but water down there so you don’t upset the good bacteria?! That country chic bottle is so cute x

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