Bushras Beauty Salon Review.

I’ve been meaning to give a little review for Bushras for a while now and a recent eyebrow tint and threading sparked it off in my mind. Bushras Beauty Salon is located on Mary St, Dublin 1 in a bizarre yet intriguing little place called Mary Mall. There is also one in Blackrock.

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When I first got my eyebrow threading done, I swore I’d never get it done again. My eyes watered like I had just watched The Notebook on replay. But I decided to give it another go on my way home from work one day because I was so pleased with the shape I was given and how long I got without tweezing or re-doing my eyebrows again.  Now I’m probably late to the bandwagon of Threading, but I’m definitely a convert now. The lovely staff at Bushras are super quick and professional. The pain is quite minimal, the worst area being the skin just above the eye.


Prices are incredibly reasonable, I paid €20 for a tint and threading, with a threading just costing €12. So next time you’re in town, pop down past Penneys for a swift tidy on the eyebrow area, you’ll be super impressed!!

You can find Bushra’s online here.


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