The Daily Face #1


I aim to have a fresh, natural look usually on weekdays and often go make-up free on at least two days a week. These are the staples I’ve been returning to every day to create a nice, long-lasting look. Extremely annoyed at my Inglot’s Pressed Powder, it’s the second time the powder fell apart without any reason (I returned the first one) and while it’s a nice powder for the price (€20) I expected it to last until the very end, not disintegrate when using a powder brush. Not impressed! Not to mention, a highlighting powder of theirs  also fell apart!!

What are your daily favourites? Have you experienced this fall-out with Inglot?!


6 thoughts on “The Daily Face #1

  1. Wow, that’s a big price to have the powder just fall apart like that. I’ve never tried “cheek tint” before, I’m assuming it’s the same as cream blush? Blush has always mystified me. I’m always scared to wear it and end up looking like a clown because it’s so easy to screw up. Gotta love the Carmex, a beauty staple for all. Although, recently I have been in loved with the Burt’s Bees chap stick – amazing stuff.

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