Blank Canvas Cosmetics HD Kabuki Collection.


I won this set of brushes a few months back from the lovely Sarah at Pretty Easy and decided it was time to give a review on them for you all. I have been incredibly impressed with them and use them every day. I’ll start with the F20. The F20 is made with short, dense synthetic fibres making it ideal for applying foundation or cream products. It’s top is flat and therefore works great for a stippling or buffing motion on the face. I find that when using this brush, I am less inclined to use loads of product. Instead I use the brush to extend the product further, creating a more natural look.

The F21 is angular in shape and again made with synthetic fibres. This brush is super super soft, but not too soft that you cannot apply contour lines on the face. I usually use the brush with any powder blusher. There are no faults with it at all!

With the F22, it’s my powder brush. I’ve also found it’s great for mineral foundations as it buffs very well. Again, because of the dense fibres a little powder goes a very long way. Like the other brushes, its super soft and so perfect for my skin as my skin is a little sensitive.

The F23 is probably the brush I use the least, unless I have some major blemishes that need concealing. But it’s really nice to use under the eyes as it’s very gentle and the pointy angular shape makes it exceptional at more precise concealing. I recently realised it’s great for contouring also just below the cheek line!

Overall, and I know loads of bloggers have already stated this, these are really great brushes for a really great price. There is no bristle fall out at all, and I wash my brushes once a week so that’s pretty impressive. Please note, they haven’t been washed below. I just thought the colours were pretty so I took the pic!


BCC brushes are available online here. Have you tried Blank Canvas Cosmetics before?


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