Music for the Weekend #3

PicMonkey CollageIt looks like it’s gonna be a rainy miserable weekend out there. I guess that will deter a lot of us (including myself) from heading out, so if you are stuck in the house..spend some time listening to some of these great tracks. First up is Fryars and his chillingly beautiful track On My Own. It really is the video though that stands out and it encapsulates the lyrics perfectly. Next is Daughter doing a mash-up of Bon Iver’s ‘Perth’ and Hot Chips ‘Ready for the Floor’. It is so beautiful and inventive, it’s like a totally new song has been created. I love how Perth transitions seamlessly into Ready for the Floor. That’s all thanks to Elena’s flowing voice. Finally, Nialler9 amongst other blogs recently wrote about Slow Skies, the musician-producer duo from Dublin. They sit somewhere between folk and pop and the result is something very gentle and tender, thanks to Karen Sheirdan’s stunning voice.


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