My Essential Clarins Products.


I thought I’d do a little post on the Clarins products that I swear by and pretty much use every day.

The Hydraquench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase (sounds very clinical!) is something which is pretty new to my skincare routine. I’ll admit, I was totally confused by this serum at first. What does it do?!! You have to shake it to mix the ingredients together. While I do kinda find the texture a little silicony, after drying it’s perfect and no residue is left over. This means it works perfectly as a base under moisturiser. It definitely has improved the texture of my skin and I’ve noticed that some smaller bumps on my face have been dramatically reduced.

The Beauty Flash Balm is something I’ve struggled to like for a while. I do find it hard to use as a primer. The application is quite tricky but for me it works best as a weekly mask. I find it really improves my skin’s appearance and brightens it up. It also has a beautiful fragrance to boot, and thankfully it hasn’t affected my sensitive skin thus far.

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment is probably one of the best handcreams I’ve ever used. I have absolutely no negatives about this cream. It’s moisturising, it’s non-greasy, it smells great and it genuinely works. My only qualm is the bottle, I wish Clarins would introduce a flip lid so it would be quicker to open and close. I’m always bloody dropping the lid everywhere! But that’s it really. At €19, I think it’s pretty reasonable for the quality and size of the tube.

I love love love almost everything about the Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion. It’s leaves my skin velvety smooth and soft. It’s a little thicker than other moisturisers so I find you need a good bit of product for lets say all over body application. The smell is divine, and the scent stays on the skin for ages. I think it’s quite expensive to buy as a stand-alone product but whenever I see Clarins gift sets or an offer on I always grab it! It’s nice to have as a luxurious moisturiser every couple of months! At €37.50 for 200ml I wish it was just a tad cheaper! Hense, what I have cut open the bottle in order to scrape every last bit out of the bottle (Insert scabby Cavan jokes below!)

PicMonkey Collage5

Tell me ladies, are these products you have tried? And let me know what other Clarins products you swear by in the comments below


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