Post Shower Routine.

A few weeks ago I posted on my current shower routine. To be honest, I could probably update on that post again because I had to change my shampoo due to it stripping the colour in my hair! So I bought Loreal Elvive Colour Protect Shampoo in the hope that it will prolong my hair colour. I thought I’d just keep going with this series and introduce you all to my post shower routine. I divide products usually between face, body and feet.


On my face, in the mornings I use Dermalogica Active Moist (full review here) as it’s the perfect day mosituriser. For night-time and when my skin requires a little more TLC, I use SVR’s cold cream. It’s aimed at very dry, delicate or irritated skin. It has a rich, thick texture that just soaks into in the skin. As Ii leaves a very shiny appearance on the skin it’s best used at night. Best thing is it’s fragrance-free, colouring-free and paraben-free. Mitchum is my saviour product for the underarms. I don’t think I’ve come across a better antiperspirant. It boasts a 48-hour protection, it contains Vitamin E and it’s a solid product so it lasts much longer in comparison to spray-on deodorants. If you don’t have this in your life, you need it.

I guess the Nivea Creme is pretty old school now. I picked it up in Boots recently just for a quick fix and while I like it, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. It’s just not great post-shower. It’s very thick (similar to Sudocream almost) and just is not very spreadable. It seems to go in patches and takes a little longer to dry. If your skin is a little wet, then it’s a definite no-no. So as an alternative, I’ve started using Human + Kind’s Body Oil. It’s a super hydrating, chemical-free oil made with 5 main natural ingredients. H + K recommend using it twice a day, but I’m finding once a day is doing mighty fine too. It’s especially soothing after shaving. It absorbs pretty quickly also. Finally, Ragdale Hall’s Spa Foot Cream is the last product I put on after my shower. Containing peppermint and black cumin oil, its feels so refreshing and soothing on the feet. Again, it’s a nice thick cream so it works perfectly for any hard skin on the tootsies. Leave it on at night with a pair of cotton socks for extra hydration.

So that’s it really. Some good and bad products currently in my routine. Have you tried any  of these products? Am I being too critical of Nivea Creme? 


4 thoughts on “Post Shower Routine.

  1. I’ve never used any of these products (I’m from the US, and I don’t recognize a lot of these), but I enjoyed this post. I like getting a glimpse into people’s routines. I thought it was interesting you chose to do after you shower, instead of daily/nighttime skin routine, but I mean it makes sense because people do, do different things after they shower as opposed to just their regular routine.

    • Ah thanks Sam, yeah I don’t moisturise and do that stuff everynight. Usually just after my showers/baths! If you would ever like to do a swap..drop me an email! Would be fun to do!

  2. I’ve used Nivea and I think they’re very good. I’ve heard of cold cream but I’ve never used it and it seems like something that might be useful as a night cream for me too as I have dry cheeks! Hmmm maybe has some!

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