Music for the (Long) Weekend #1

Here’s a little flavour of some of the songs and bands I’m gonna be listening to over this long weekend. I’m not a huge Lana Del Ray fan, but there is no denying the quality and clearness of her voice in her cover of Lenard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel No. 2. I really prefer her in the low notes, it’s there you hear the raw emotion in her voice. John Grant’s song below Glacier is really a truly heartbreaking and honest song. It’s taken from his 2nd solo album Pale Green Ghosts. It’s one to listen to as he reflects on very real issues such as homophobia and addiction. Some people may find a restlessness in his music, others a comfort. I’m sticking to the latter. I’ve included a tune from the band Fragments of Winter. If you’re a fan of M83, then these guys should please. Finally, just to lift things up a little, I’ve included a track from Vance Joy. I was gonna post Riptide, but god it’s far too much like Bon Iver. His music takes on realms of folk music with a little twist of pop. Isn’t that what makes them catchy eh?

Happy Easter folks, see you on the other side. 


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