The Daily Face #2


Today’s face is nice and easy. I’m loving Bobbi Brown’s Face Base, the smell is divine and it works amazingly well as a primer to makeup. I picked up Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder last week and my god, for something so affordable it works incredibly well as a nice mattifying powder. A quick fix of Sephora’s blusher (which is a little glittery) and a nice deep lipgloss from Revlon and I’m good to go!

Daily Face #1


8 thoughts on “The Daily Face #2

  1. Who are the brushes by? Cant see the label. They look sooooo smooth! Love brushes, I think i’m a bit odd! xx

  2. I love stay matte powder! But I use the transparent colour as I like the versatility all over my face. I had got the same colour as you but found that it made me look really red in daylight.. Do you think I was applying it wrong? I love the look of those brushes.. Will definitely be looking into your blog post about them!

    • yeah, I was torn between the transparent and peach glow but maybe you just needed the lighter colour after all! Definitely do, I love the BCC brushes! Really affordable too x

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