Lavera All-Round Cream Review.

IMG_5597Lavera is an award-winning natural brand that boasts organic skincare products which contain no parabens, no sls’s & no synthetic ingredients. This all-round cream is suited for all skin types and as stated in the name, it’s an all-rounder suited for face and body moisturising. I’m new to this brand Lavera but at first glance I am completely impressed.


Containing organic shea butter, organic almond and jojoba, it is super protective, moisturising and caring for the skin. Immediately after using this cream, my skin feels extremely smooth and soft. I don’t think I’ve ever used another cream with the same effect. While the consistency is more along the lines of a butter, it soaks in very easily into the skin and dries almost immediately. It leaves no residue at all, making it perfect as a moisturiser after the shower. The smell is divine with a strong fragrance of lemon and a hint of rose. I’m loving the old school tin it comes in and while the lid isn’t the best at staying on, it’s a small flaw for a perfect product. If you don’t have this cream in your kit, you NEED it. A little goes a long way because of the consistency and effectiveness of the cream.

Lavera’s All Round Cream is priced at €8.20. You can buy it in Nourish stores nationwide. Have you tried any Lavera products?!


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