MUA Matte Perfect Primer.


While shopping in Superdrug a few days ago I picked up MUA’s new primer. It’s been out a while, but I decided to pick it up because it felt so soft when I swatched it in store. I’ve never tried any MUA products before, so I was excited to see what the primer was like!

It’s quite a silicone texture, but on application it’s smoothes in beautifully and leaves a soft complexion. It makes the application of foundation a lot easier but it’s claims of mattifying are well almost non-existant. It’s more of a satin-finish really. Now, the tube is really small (15ml) but for £4 it’s not something which really bothers me. A little goes a long way because of the silicone and it fills in pores and evens out the skin tone really well. It can be worn alone or with foundation so it’s quite versatile. Even though it’s  a flesh coloured product it doesn’t give any coverage so I find it’s best worn with foundation. I’m nearly certain this primer contains parabens so that’s also something to be aware of.


Have you tried this primer?! What are your favourite primers to use?


7 thoughts on “MUA Matte Perfect Primer.

  1. I’ve never used primer before. I break out easily, so I’d rather just have a few bumps and big pores then a face full of blemishes from using the primer so that I could have smooth skin. That would defeat the purpose. lol. It would awesome add more time to my already long makeup routine. 😉

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