Lush Eau Roma Water: A Review.

IMG_5630Lush Eau Roma Water is aimed at mature, dry or sensitive skin. It contains two main active ingredients; lavender and rose water. Rose Water helps even skin tone and improve its appearance while lavender aids in the production of sebum (oil).

Lush’s toner water is very refreshing and the scent is very calming and soothing. It’s perfect for spritzing during the day to waken you up or freshen up after a long flight. You have to be careful with the spritzer itself because it’s quite powerful and strong. I always get a little shock after spraying it, one spray is usually enough if you hold if far away from your face. The questionable thing about this is the addition of perfume and methylparabens in the ingredient list. I just would have thought and assumed (perhaps naively?) that lavender and rose water were beneficial enough and both have a very soothing fragrance on their own without the addition of perfume?! I guess I’m just a bit confused. I’m starting to think I’ll switch to the good old natural rose water on it’s own and see how I go with it.


Overall, I can’t really complain about the product itself because I actually find it great for my skin, it’s incredibly refreshing, it hasn’t caused any breakouts and if anything my skin has improved within the context of my current skincare routine. 

So what do you think? Have you tried this, or other toners that are more natural? Should I switch or just be happy it’s working?!


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