Music for the Weekend #5

Bell X1 are back with bang. I’d become a bit disillusioned with the band, a little tired of them but on hearing new tracks from their forthcoming album Chop Chop I am become enthralled again. Paul Noonan’s vocals really stand out,  it sounds more mature and striking. Featured below are Careful What You Wish For and Starlings over Brighton Pier. I’m loving a lot of folksy stuff at the minute and I stumbled across Connor Linnie who hails from Bray, Wicklow. He’s definitely one worth catching at the upcoming Knockanstockan in July.  Next up is Fabian Holland, a Londoner with the most incredible guitar skills. I’m still a little torn on his voice (i’m a fussy fecker) but his lyrics tell a lovely story (see The Landlord’s Daughter). Down the very bottom there are his AMAZING skills on his track Last of the Mohicans.

What tunes are you listening to lately? Have a great weekend everyone!


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