More No.7 Voucher Purchases!


I need to stop. But Boots are just a bad influence. I go to cash in my No.7 money off voucher and bam there is another one in my hand. How did that happen? So off I go again to pick up something before time runs out (i.e. 19th May). This time my no.7 voucher got me a lovely lipstick from their Moisture Drench range. The shade is coral rose and it’s a beauty. It’s a perfect light summer shade and it’s a colour that I actually don’t have anything similar in my collections.

Ribbet collageThe colour is delightful and bright and it leaves a glossy finish to the lips. Enriched with vitamins and an SPF 15 it’s a plus for the upcoming summer time (although looking out the window today, what summer?). It applies smoothly leaving the lips moisturised for a couple of hours. Re-application is needed a few hours later. That I can live with.


Overall, it’s a winner for me. The Moisture Drench range retails at €11.25 in Boots but is super cheap with a €6.50 off voucher. Happy Spending!!




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