Music for the Weekend #6

Happy Weekend to you all!! Here is another installment of the tunes I’ll be listening to this weekend

The Pictish Trails hail from Scotland. When I first heard the intro to the song, Michael Rocket all I kept thinking was ‘this reminds me of some 80’s song…’ And then it hit me. Wang Chung with Dance Hall Days. The similarities end there though. Jessica Pratt has been around for a while now. When my boyfriend plays her music, I always end up asking who’s that again? Well I shouldn’t need to ask who she is because her voice and music are really hypnotic and calm. There is a feeling of a different time to her music. I’ve included a fantastic demo from Mikky Ekko called disappear. If this is a sample of things to come from the producer/singer-songrwiter then I’m hooked. I’m a little overwhelmed by Seamus Fogarty. Did you ever just wish you had discovered music earlier in your life so that you had it there as support and as a means of transport to another place. That’s how I feel about his music. Having listened to Rita Jack’s Lament, I felt this huge longing for some reason throughout the song. Maybe it’s the old woman’s voice reminding me of my grandmother. I don’t know. His experimentation with sound and noise is perfection. So I’ve included his song The Evening Lay Down Upon Us. Prepare to be transported.

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