The Daily Face #3

IMG_5878It’s been a while since I did a FOTD post here on TooManyMuffins. I never have enough time in the morning to take photos, however this morning I got up early and had a hour to spare. Today’s face is simple with a flick of Clarin’s Instant Liner in the blackest of blacks ever. It’s fab and perfect for those not great with eyeliner (i.e. me!). I’m debuting a new foundation which I adore from Bobbi Brown. Post will come soon once I test it a little more! I picked up the Dainty Doll mineral powder foundation ages ago but it’s not the greatest (neither is the silly tube) and it smells funky so don’t be expecting to see it again! I finish with NYC’s Expert Last Lipstick in Air Kiss. It is a fab, well pigmented colour. And it’s cheap as chips!

So that’s today’s face. What do you think?Have you tried any of these products?

Ribbet collage


5 thoughts on “The Daily Face #3

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