My Dublin: United Nations Garden and Memorial Park.

20130502_140457 Hidden behind an unassuming pathway behind Arbour Hill prison and cemetery(post to come soon!) lies the Irish United Nations Veteran’s Association headquaraters and memorial park. There is a house to visit in the garden where you can see pictures, charts and memorabilia of where Irish peacekeepers served. However, it is the garden that completely blows me away. Well maintained, intimate and calm, it’s a place to sit for a while in peace. You can see in the photo above there are seats, dedicated to the UN, to sit on as well as a nice patio area (photo below).

As you leave (or enter depending on which entrance you use) through the blue door, on your right you will come across an open memorial with the names of Irish citizens who served in the UN. Every year events are held here in memorial. It is so beautifully maintained and credit must be given to the volunteers who put so much effort in to the place. The efforts are completely appreciated by those who pass through the doors. The atmosphere here is something really special and something which fits with the surrounding neighbourhood perfectly. It’s almost like one of the houses back gardens. It’s best viewed on a sunny summers day, but of course that can be a rare thing in Ireland. It’s a very special place for me and somewhere I’ll continue to visit for years to come.

20130502_140502The United Nations Garden and Memorial is located at the corner of Oxmanton Road and Manor Place in Arbour Hill. Easiest way to reach it is from Arbour Hill itself.


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