Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush.


I was totally skeptical when I got my hands on this Daniel Sandler watercolour blush. I’m all for cream and powder blushers but a liquid blush?! Would it not just slide off my face? I was quickly put in my place after giving this blush a go. The shade I picked was truth which is a peachy nude colour with a hint of shimmer in it. It’s a shade that’s well suited for those with a paler complexion because of the nude colour. It adds a sun-kissed look to the skin that is natural and glowing.

ds1Application wise, it’s pretty easy to use if you follow the tips above. The product definitely needs a good shake before using so that all ingredients combine. Daniel Sandler recommends using this brush to blend but I don’t find that’s completely necessary to achieve a good look! The blush works well for dry and oily skin types as it’s silicone based and oil free. No clogging of pores thank god! I think the beauty of this product is in it’s consistency. You can achieve a very natural look that once applied stays put all day.  I’ve actually worn this for a full day and found it’s actually looks better as the day goes on. ds2As it’s highly pigmented you need the smallest amount to create a nice natural colour. This is a colour I never thought I’d like but it has subtly blown me away. There are loads of colours in the range and number of places stock them including Beauty Emporium, Look Fantastic, ASOS and Cult Beauty to name a few.

Have you ever tried a liquid blush? Are you tempted by this one?


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