Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4 Perfume: sweet and summery but not for me!

IMG_5949I definitely have a distinct type of fragrance I like. Usually they are deep, woody, sensuous and luxurious fragrances but from time to time I get something different either as a gift or sample. I got Ralph Lauren’s Big Pony No.4 as a gift in May and have been trying it out since. Now it’s a very different fragrance for me, it’s sweet and girly. Often when I smell these ‘kind’ of fragrances I think of cheap perfumes. I know that’s a bit silly but I guess that’s just my own weird idea. It’s a perfume that I think works well for day wear but not for night-time. Now am I a huge fan of it? Not particularly. I usually try to wear it once in a blue moon but I just find I get really sick of the sweet fragrance right away.

Big Pony No. 4 has  top notes of wild cherry and purple amber. I can smell the cherry-ness but I’m a tad clueless as to what purple amber may smell like. Perhaps you guys can educate me! The bottle itself is quite cute and vibrant with a big oversized pink polo pony on the side. While not the fragrance for me, I can see this suiting the younger generation, teenagers in particular because of the light, floral smell and appearance.

Have you tried this fragrance? What are your favourite summer perfumes or smells?


2 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Big Pony 4 Perfume: sweet and summery but not for me!

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