A…dare I say it…Beauty Haul!!


Ladies, I’ve been shopping! I always pick up little bits and bobs that never make it to actual singular posts so I’ve decided to show case them in a haul post. I love reading other people’s haul posts and enjoy seeing what bargains people get. So without blabbing on, let’s get stuck in right away!

I finally caved in and bought the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette (€42) and I have to say I love it. There are shades for every day wear, for filling your brows and shades to master the classic smokey eye. I’m still learning eyeshadow wise, but I love playing around with the seriously pigmented shades! I got some nice lavender fragranced products – a hand and nail cream (€2.75) from Marks and Spencers  and a Dr. Organic lavender deodorant (€6.65). I’m trying to be a tad more natural with body products and when I discovered my Mitchum deodorant had Aluminum in it, I kinda freaked out. I know I’m a long way off from choosing organic, natural, cruelty-free products in all my beauty care. But this is a start I guess. The Hot Creme hair mask is from Penneys/Primark and is aimed at conditioning and strengthening hair. It contains placenta extract (from cows) which contains loads of nutrients. I don’t know if anyone has tried this as I’ve yet to use mine!? The Real Techniques setting brush (€8.50) I’ve had for ages and love using to contour and highlight areas on my face.


I’m not really into hair products at all but as I colour my hair maybe once every 2 months I wanted to get something to protect my hair from all the chemicals. This Loreal EverPure colour care protective mist (€8.99) is designed for coloured hair. It aims to protect and nourish coloured and weak hair. I’ve only used this twice so I’m not so sure yet. The bright beautiful tube in the photos is my latest love and it’s the NIMA brush collection (€65). I’ll be giving a proper review on this soon but suffice to say the Duo Fibre brush pictured above is amazing for foundation application.

haul3.From the picture above, I picked up a nice little Essence eyeshadow set in Penneys. It has some nice taupe colours in these that are very easy to use and it’s well pigmented for the cheap price (can’t remember exactly). The Pixy Glowing Body Butter (€12.99) is a purchase I should have really got in time for the good weather we had last week but I only got it this week. But this product is addictive. The smell is divine and the glow is even better! The final purchase was Boots Coconut Body Oil (€3.49) and it’s really great so far. It turns from a solid product to oil once applied on the skin. It’s very nourishing and something I use before bed every night!

So that’s my latest purchases! Tell me what you think, would you like to see more beauty hauls? And have you tried any of the products above?! 


7 thoughts on “A…dare I say it…Beauty Haul!!

  1. The Naked palette will set you back a bit, but like you said, it’s a splurge, but it’s worth it. I use mine multiple times a week, and I love it. I am still scraping the bottom of the free primer sample they sent with the palette. I don’t want it to run out because it’s so awesome. Nice haul. 🙂

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