17 Solo Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz.

One of my favourite budget eyeshadow brands in Seventeen. I’ve had this eyeshadow for ages and is one I kind of forget about in my make-up bag. The shade is Rose Quartz and it’s a lovely dark pinky/grey shimmer shade. As you can see it is incredibly pigmented and it’s not too shimmery either, so this can work well for a day look. Application wise, it’s a dream to apply. It’s silky and soft and easy to use with a finger or brush. It’s very handy for travel, it comes in a small circular plastic container and the lid is screw on.


The shades cost €5.39 in Boots each which I think is a super price for a well pigmented eyeshadow. Have you tried any of these eyeshadows? What’s your thoughts on 17?


4 thoughts on “17 Solo Eye Shadow in Rose Quartz.

  1. Gorgeous color! We don’t get that in the US, but I’m moving to the UK in the fall, I’ll have to track this color down!

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