Origins Modern Friction: Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion.

IMG_6046I’ve become a big fan of Origins products lately. Having become more skin-conscious in terms of what I use on my face, I turned to Origins in search of a good natural face exfoliator. I’ve been a big fan of Kiehls Epidermal Re-texturising Micro Dermabrasion for a few years now but in the past year or so it became too harsh and rough on my sensitive skin.

Ribbet collage6

Origins Modern Friction is a lovely gentle creamy exfoliator. It uses rice starch (see pic 3 above as it shows the actual rice!) as the exfoliant but ingredients such as lemon oil, aloe vera, glycerin, cucumber oil, basil and peppermint cushion the skin. As you gently exfoliate, you can feel it polishing and removing a dead layer of skin. But the secret’s doing it gently. And I think this really is the key to a good exfoliation. There is no redness or heat in the skin after using it. The creamy texture allows for this. I still prefer to use it on damp skin rather than dry as I have very sensitive skin. I find it’s easier and gentler to do it this way. It lathers up beautifully to and can double up as a cleanser product or you can let it sit on the skin for a couple of minutes to act as a face mask.

IMG_6049Like most Origins products, the fragrance is earthy and natural. This reflects the natural ingredient list too. I know a lot of reviews have commented on it being stingy and a killer on the eyes, but it’s not something I have personally experienced. As with all beauty products you need to be careful around eye areas. It’s a no-brainer! This Origins Modern Friction costs €44 in Arnotts and while very pricy for a face exfoliator you need very little of the product to do the whole of your face. I know in the UK you can buy this a lot cheaper so that might be worth checking out.

Have you tried any Origins products? Do you save or splurge on exfoliators? What are your favourites?


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