Kiehls Creme de Corps Review.

IMG_6074Kiehls Creme de Corps is a classic all over body moisturiser for dry and flaky skin. Kiehls claim that after 10 days of use, your skin will ‘provide a skin texture heretofore unattainable’. I’ve read loads of great reviews about this moisturiser so I thought I’d add my two cents worth.

It has a lovely rich thick consistency, something I thought might make it hard to absorb into the skin. However, it’s easy to apply and it absorbs to leave a non-greasy, non-oily finish. The results are almost immediate. Skin is soft, silky and hydrated. The amount of product needed is minimal too. I use around a heaped teaspoonful and this does most of my body (apart from hard to reach places!!) There is no distinct fragrance, which I like (sensitive skin alert!). Ingredients include Beta-Carotene, Squalene, Shea & Cocoa Butter and loads of lovely oils (almond, apricot,avocado,corn, sesame,olive).

The big downside is the price. For 125ml it costs €19.50. I find this is just way to much money for me, but it does last a long time so I guess that’s a plus. In saying that, I’ve used more affordable moisturisers that do exactly the same job as this. This doesn’t take away from the quality of the product but it’s a turn-off. Kiehls in Wicklow St are super with samples, so it’s a plus to always go in there and treat myself.

Have you used Creme de Corps? What did you think of it? What are your favourite body moisturisers?


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